Project Designed by Jing Shuai, Tao Tai Chi Studio

Tao Tai Chi Studio

Tao Tai Chi Studio is a place for simple, relaxing, quiet, and safe moving meditation training for all ages in the art of Tao and Tai Chi. We are located in New Paltz NY, which is in the heart of the Hudson Valley and just minutes from the NYS Thruway and downtown New Paltz. 

We teach a series of ancient regimens enriched with the wisdom of martial arts and Tao philosophy. Our intent is to help to rejuvenate both the body and mind in order to improve overall wellness.  

- Jing Shuai

Project Objectives

To motivate and encourage students to work collaboratively while learning about another culture and to contribute their unique talents to a group effort.

Students will use traditional silk “painting fans” as props to enable participants to discover or further develop their artistic talents.

Project Description

Meet and greet.

Introduction to the historical context of the art of fan painting.

Work collaboratively as a group to choose an overall project theme.

Individual or group effort to paint silk fans.

Short lecture on musical styles and instruments from this time period.

Students either individually or in small groups will Use finished fans as a prop in a fan performance of their own design.